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Now we’re talking about some serious lighting. Guaranteed to turn some heads, this kit will fully cover midweight cruisers and sport bikes. Whether you want to light up your Suzuki GSXR, Harley Davidson Fat Boy, or any bike of similar size this kit is right for you.


CPU & Wireless Remote
(4) 2 Inch FlexTech LED Strips
(6) 4 Inch FlexTech LED Strips
(2) 10 Inch FlexTech LED Strips
(6) YSplitter Cables
Mounting hardware

Features: A multicolor, threezone, six line, plugnplay CPU with wireless remote.

15 Flash Patterns (3 Music / Engine Thump Modes)
5 Speed Flash Driver
5 Levels of sound sensitivity
22 Colors, including million color mode & seven color mode.
Secondary Power Up Option

The 2″ LED strips are encased in silicone.
Includes 9 LEDs (3 RGB Clusters)

The 4″ LED strips are encased in silicone.
Includes 18 LEDs (6 RGB Clusters)

FUSION LED - STAGE 3 LIGHT KIT (most applications)

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